Compact Powder Production Unit Design for SLM and EBM Additive Manufacturing Systems



Project Summary

In this project, powder production units are designed and manufactured for different metals/alloys having the powder specifications of SLM and EBM additive manufacturing systems. These additive manufacturing systems are widely installed and used in a research center or an R&D department needing metal powders for research studies. The new powder production unit will therefore be used to produce metallic powders from a wide range of metals/alloys for broader PSD specifications.

Objectives and Targets

The main objective of this project is to design, analyze and manufacture a new laboratory scale powder production system that could produce spherical metal/alloy powders to be used in SLM and EBM based additive manufacturing devices. The project will be realized in a collaborative manner of two partners namely 3D LAB Company of Poland and Additive Manufacturing Research Center (EKTAM) of Gazi University, Turkey. By using different metals/alloys, the prototypes will be tested and used in EKTAM to validate the required specifications of powder for SLM and EBM additive manufacturing devices. Having the successful test results, the output of the project could be a potential commercial product in the market especially for the research centers and R&D departments of companies in the field of additive manufacturing.





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