Characterization and Analysis of Powders for Additive Manufacturing Processes



Project Summary

This project involves collaboration of two universities in the research studies of powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing processes. The collaboration is between Department of Physical Metallurgy and Powder Metallurgy Unit, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, AGH UST, Cracow, Poland and Additive Manufacturing Research Center (EKTAM) of Gazi University, Turkey. The expertise of AGH UST on Powder Metallurgy and the expertise of EKTAM on Additive Manufacturing will be the base for this project collaboration. Two institutions have already a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaborations dated on 29 August 2018 signed by the Rectors. This project is an extension of the MoU, dedicating to specified materials and their powder metallurgical studies whose research results are needed and will be used in the project platform of EKTAM, namely "Yeni Nesil 3 Boyutlu Yazıcı İmalat Teknolojileri Platformu". Based on the work packages defined in this document, the project will be realized as a collaborative manner with AGH UST (Cracow, Poland) and Gazi University (EKTAM) (Ankara, TURKEY).. The project outputs are the powder parameter sets which shall be used in additive manufacturing processes. The IP rights of this study shall be shared equally with EKTAM and AGH UST. The commersial rights of the research results shall be preserved in EKTAM.

Objectives and Targets

The main objective of this project is to determine necessary parameter sets for the specified powders which shall be later used in "powder bed additive manufacturing" devices/processes. These powders, which shall be used in the project platform of EKTAM, are (but not limited to) 6 different metal/alloys, namely "Stainless Steels-SS316L and SS321", "Inconel Alloys- 616, 718, 738LC", "Molybdenum", "Ti6Al4V", "Aluminum Alloys- AlSiMg, 6xxx, 7xxx", "Co-Cr Alloy". Some of the parameters of the powder that are used during the powder design process are the particle shape, particle size distribution, chemical composition, phase composition and powder bulk properties (such as: apparent density, tap density, flow rate, etc.). Based on these parameters, the additive manufacturing processes will be performed. The project will be realized in a collaborative manner of two partners namely AGH UST, Cracow, Poland to study on parameter set of the powders and Additive Manufacturing Research Center (EKTAM) of Gazi University, Turkey to study the Additive Manufacturing processes.


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