Work Areas

a) Powder Metallurgy

  1. Production of powder and characterization.
  2. New metal powder development.
  3. Researching new technologies and methods for producing powders.

b) Additive Manufacturing Technologies

  1. Nationalization of sintering technologies.
  2. Nationalization of EBM technologies.
  3. Nationalization of hybrit additive manufacturing technologies.
  4. Development of the technologies in the components of the Additive Manufacturing systems and improving the speed of process.
  5. Nationalization of softwares used in Additive Manufacturing systems.

c) Product Development

  1. Design and manufacture of products which can not be produced by conventional methods.
  2. Topology optimization.
  3. Repair technologies.
  4. Standardization and accreditation of products manufactured with Additive Manufacturing technologies, increase of using areas.
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