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     TÜBİTAK 1004 Program aims to enhance research infrastructure in higher education institutions in Turkey. The program promotes scientific studies with clear targets in priority areas determined by national policies. TÜBİTAK 1004 Program also focuses on developing qualified research programs with high potential for commercialization.
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Production of NACE 30 Coded Prototypes/Test Samples, Determination of Process and Post-Process Parameters and Improvement of Mechanical Properties

2 Development of Additive Manufacturing Test Prototype Using Electron Beam ASELSAN LOGO-1
3 Dual Laser, Pressure Adapter, 250x250x300 mm, Additive Manufacturing System with Automatic Powder Circulation System ermaksan1-1
4 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Structural and Mechanical Properties of Bulk/Cage Systems Produced from Ti6Al4V Alloy Using Variable Production Parameters by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Method ETU-1
5 Production of Parts Used in Satellite Launch Systems by Powder Bed and Wire-Fed Additive Manufacturing Methods ROKETSAN LOGO-1
6 Development of Hybrid Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Processes Sabancı Üni.-1
7 Production and Qualification of Flight Critical Parts and Systems by Additive Manufacturing Methods TUSAŞ LOGO-1
8 Production and Qualification of Satellite Systems and Parts by Additive Manufacturing Methods TUSAŞ LOGO-1
9 Improvement of Recycling Processes and Advanced Powder Materials for Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys TUSAŞ LOGO-1
10 Additive Manufacturing and Verification of Ceramic Cores for Investment Casting TEİ LOGO-1
11 Development of Superalloy and Stainless Steel Alloy Ingot for Powder Production Suitable for Additive Manufacturing and Development of Post-Processing of Metallic Materials Produced by Additive Manufacturing Project TÜBİTAK MAM-1
12 Social Impact of the Research Program Project gazi-1


International Projects


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1 Compact Powder Production Unit Design for SLM and EBM Additive Manufacturing Systems gazi-13D LAB1-1
2 Characterization and Analysis of Powders for Additive Manufacturing Processes gazi-1agh Üni.-1
3   gazi-1


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