Social Contribution

The social, ecological, cultural, economic, etc. impact of the work to be done in the field of additive manufacturing. It is planned to make a detailed analysis, including its sub-dimensions, and to analyze the contributions of the results of the studies on additive manufacturing, which will facilitate the implementation or define their complementary importance. The outputs/products obtained as a result of the R&D activities carried out are transformed into social benefit by public and industrial organizations; Our center also has a share in the vitally important works of our country. Our center contributes to university-industry cooperation by conducting national and international R&D activities, scientific, technological and applied research, such as powder production/characterization for domestic and original additive manufacturing, development of Additive Manufacturing benches and sub-systems, determination of process parameters, creation of qualification processes. cooperates with industry and public institutions in studies. In addition to national and international projects, it also tries to contribute to the qualified manpower resource that our country needs with its full-time doctoral program carried out with domestic and international university stakeholders. In our center, plans are made for the management and analysis of the processes necessary for the social contribution of the outputs that can be obtained as a result of Additive Manufacturing activities.


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