TÜBİTAK 1004 - Center of Excellence Support Program

     As of November 15, 2021, 11 R&D Projects, supported by a budget of approximately 51.3 million TL, within the scope of the research program of TÜBİTAK "20AG008" named "New Generation 3D Printer Manufacturing Technologies Platform", which is carried out by Gazi University-EKTAM. Within the scope of the program under the management of Gazi University-EKTAM, ASELSAN A.Ş., ERMAKSAN A.Ş., Erzurum Technical University, ROKETSAN A.Ş., Sabancı University, TUSAŞ A.Ş., TEİ A.Ş. and TÜBİTAK MAM are working together on 11 projects that will bring selected products with the code NACE 30.3 in the aerospace industry to THS 6 level in accordance with the 1004 call.

European Commission- TUBITAK COFUND Program

     In the field of “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Scholarship and Circulation Supports”, which is under the Scientific Excellence component of the Horizon 2020 Program, conducted by Gazi University-EKTAM, “Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies- COFUND project titled “A2M2TECH” started on 1 June 2021.

     This program in Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies offers an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international excellence doctoral program in all aspects of advanced manufacturing and advanced materials, with a focus on additive manufacturing and related technologies. Within the scope of this project, 22 full-time foreign doctoral students conduct research on the determined subjects, and most of the product-based research outputs are brought to our country. The aforementioned project is the only project of our country supported by the European Commission in this field, and has become the preferred point of choice for foreign students who want to do a doctorate in a research center in our country. METU, ITU and IYTE are also involved in the project as subsidiary institutions.

TÜBİTAK Industry Innovation Network Mechanism (SAYEM) Program

     The program named "Development of Domestic and Original Design, Material, Production and Bench Technologies for Additive Manufacturing", conducted by ERMAKSAN, started on February 1, 2022. On this platform, Gazi University-EKTAM, "Development of Laser Power Controller to Provide Microstructure Improvement of Process Parameters for Enavision Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine (ENACONTROL)" and "Creation of Final Design Correlations of Components for Turbo Jet Engine by Applying Post Process and Development of Mechanical Properties (TJM_PP_MG)". projects will be implemented.


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