Gazi University

Gazi University's researchers and academicians are the best of Turkey in the field of powder metallurgy. Association of Turkish Powder Metallurgy was founded in 1995 in department of Mechanical Engineering in Gazi University. At the seventh international powder metallurgy conference held on June 24-28 at the faculty of engineering in Gazi University. Over 150 papers were presented and nearly 30 national and international companies exhibited their products in the exhibition field. Beside that a special session was held on about additive manufacturing with participations of TAI, TEI and 3D printing system manufacturers. An academic team from Mechanical Engineering department of Gazi University is carrying out a project supported by TUBITAK (Project No:1130306). This project is about the design and production of an EBM machine. The project started in December 2013.

To summarize, Gazi University Faculty of Engineering and its academic units are the most powerful units of the Turkey in the matter of "Powder metallurgy and production methods."

Gazi University has created strong experiences in project management with its collabrations in defence industry companies thanks to location of the city and the requirements of the region. Based on these experiences we can say that Gazi University will be succesful in designs, productions and project menagement.

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