Additive manufacturing technologies are among the strategic technologies that are handled as a priority all over the world because of its many advantages, especially design flexibility. As the development and use of this technology has become evident in recent years, the interest of industries and universities to additive manufacturing technologies in our country has increased with impressive acceleration and trend. The contribution of our country to additive manufacturing technologies in recent years yielded in different ways such as the development of technology, the localization of additive manufacturing machines, the introduction of the original design into production, and it has become evident in the international field.

On the one hand, Gazi University is following the improvement of the technologies in the world and also established the Additive Manufacturing Technologies Application and Research Center (EKTAM). EKTAM is structured to be the national center of excellence that all industrial institutions and universities in the country will benefit from itself. Based on metal and ceramic materials, we are working with industry organizations for both material research and 3D printer technologies. EKTAM is positioned in the TeknoHAB Technology Development Zone in order to facilitate the collaboration of the university and the industry and to provide high value-added products. Thus, the accessibility of the additive manufacturing research infrastructure, which is important for our country, is provided by both the university and the industry.

While applying to scientific support programs such as TÜBİTAK 1004 and SAYEM with collaborative platforms, the center has created national and international projects as well. EKTAM contributes to the qualified manpower resource for our country's needs with its full-time doctoral program.

The effectiveness of EKTAM in the field of additive manufacturing technologies will be more evident at technology development services, high value-added product development in the upcoming years.


Prof. Dr. Metin Uymaz SALAMCI

Director of Center

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