Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


To meet the qualified personnel requirement of our country in the field of new generation manufacturing technologies, to be a pioneer in the use of advanced manufacturing technologies by the country's industry, and to contribute to university-industry cooperation by ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from the established infrastructure in the most effective way.



To be a national center of excellence that directs developments in the scientific field, is innovative, pioneering, produces value and is based on excellence, sets an example for our country, and competes with centers established abroad for the same purposes.


Basic values

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Application and Research Center adopts the following values ​​in line with the principles determined by our University:

- To contribute to university-industry cooperation by conducting scientific, technological and applied research,

- An innovative structuring that will serve the needs of society and humanity, inquiring, critical in the developments in research, education and technology,

- To have academic and ethical values,

- To create graduate and engineering doctorate programs for those working in the industry in order to train highly qualified personnel needed by the industry,

- To be a center that carries out teamwork with the understanding of participatory personnel, receives the ideas of the personnel, and attaches importance to creativity,

- To transfer the produced information to the society through internal and external stakeholders,

- Takes being an institution that is proud to be a member of and can take responsibility for this as its basic values.


Aims and goals

The general aims of the center are:

a) To carry out scientific, technological and applied research in order to develop new generation additive manufacturing technologies,

b) Supporting additive manufacturing technologies; developing new metal, ceramic powder and powder alloys, using laser and electron beam technologies, developing optical and image processing methods and conducting scientific and applied research in other fields,

c) To develop the application capacity with the manufacture of different original products by using and improving additive manufacturing technologies,

ç) Expanding the additive manufacturing product range and product boundaries; to design and manufacture more precise and ready-to-use products,

d) To cooperate with private industry and public institutions and to carry out joint R&D activities for the development of domestic and original additive manufacturing production benches and sub-systems,

e) Developing the software required for additive manufacturing technologies and Industry 4.0 through joint R&D activities in cooperation with the private sector and public institutions,

f) Ensuring the creation of application areas by developing metal masonry technologies, making applications and researches in repair-maintenance-repair technologies of jet and gas turbine engine parts in the aviation sector,

g) To carry out joint research projects, to cooperate and to exchange researchers with domestic and foreign partner universities and research centers,

ğ) To provide training programs and certified trainings for those working in the industry in order to train the qualified manpower needed by the industry, to contribute by offering to open industry-oriented master's and engineering doctorate programs,

h) To organize workshops, to organize national/international conferences and to publish scientific periodical(s) in order to ensure the development and advancement of additive manufacturing technologies in our country.


Targeted Socio-Economic and Scientific Benefits

- To be sensitive to the environment,

- To allow the use of bio-based products and sustainable materials,

- Ensuring the use of more than one material and changing structures depending on the function,

- Speeding up the custom manufacturing process,

- Increasing processing precision,

- Reducing energy and material consumption,

- It comes to the forefront as reducing waste.

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